Women’s Double Standard

It’s widely acknowledged in the manosphere that women operate on a dual mating strategy. It’s most succinctly described as Alpha Fucks, Beta Bucks. Women simply want to have their cake and eat it to, in any scenario where they’re allowed to get away with it. The common path of today’s young woman is to ride the cock carousel throughout her prime years of beauty and fertility, and then snag some hapless beta dupe with money when she has exhausted the last drop of her sexual vitality. By this time she’s saddled with a five-figure debt, an incurable disease, a partner count that would make Lord Byron blush, and a terrible attitude.

This has been a known issue since the dawn of civilization, and the wanton promiscuity of women is what led to the implementation of strict patriarchy to begin with. If you ask any women, she’d call it the other way around – women are unfaithful as a reaction to overbearing and possessive men. This is demonstrably false.

Women are born nation-wreckers. They have very little integrity, honor, or allegiance to higher ideals. Their rampant psychological projection has them accusing men of being rutting pigs, when the opposite is true. Men are far more likely to develop romantic and emotional attachments, where women will allow themselves to be plundered by any Joe who momentarily tickles their fancies. The more luxury and security a woman is provided, the higher her propensity to extramarital affairs. Her excuses are always the same. She’s bored. Her husband works too much. She doesn’t receive enough attention. She doesn’t feel desired anymore.

Civilized society is a by-product of patriarchy, not the reverse. Patriarchy is a prerequisite for any successful community. It occurs naturally in every corner of the world, in every lasting people, from the smallest Amazonian tribal village to the largest urban metropolis. It is a social construct, but one that is instinctive, natural, and healthy.

Since the systematic dismantling of American patriarchy began in the 1950s, we have seen a direct correlation in the drastic degradation of civilization’s markers of health. Without patriarchy, society quickly falls to degeneracy, until it is ultimately conquered and subsumed by foreign invaders. This was true in the early Roman empire just as it’s true in modern day London, Paris, and New York.

The social contract is pretty simple. Young women are expected to choose a qualified suitor in her prime years of fertility. She is to save her body for marriage, and give her husband as many children as can comfortably be provided for. She is to remain faithful to her husband in body and spirit. She is to strive to be the best mother, wife, and homemaker that she can be, constantly working to improve areas of weakness. She is to forswear frivolities and material luxuries in favor of the economic health of the household. She is to respect her husband’s leadership, and refrain from cursing, insulting, or overtly challenging him, particularly in the public eye or in front of their children. She is to honor her husband by accepting his as the final word in matters of importance, even if she quietly disagrees. In compensation for doing all this, she provides the motivation for beta males to build and maintain a livable society. A society where women have comfort, convenience, and security.

Unthinkable Oppression

This may sound like a tall order, one that’s absolutely unthinkable to the spoiled modern woman. Mention any of these responsibilities and she will shrink away in horror like a vampire exposed to sunlight. She will bitterly accuse you of wanting to go back to the 1950s – when society was vastly more happy, healthy, and successful than it is today.

This list of demands is not unreasonable in the slightest, when contrasted against the expectations of men. A good husband is supposed to be strong, hard-working, decisive, wise, temperate, fair, and equanimous. He is to sublimate his physical, emotional, and financial needs to those of his family. He is to restrain his natural libido lest it destroy the sanctity of his marriage. He is to never reveal vulnerability or emotions of weakness, fear, or self-doubt. He is to continually increase his worth in the marketplace, and give his earnings selflessly to support his household. He is to take risky, unpleasant, and even life-threatening assignments if that is what’s needed to put bread on the table. He is to innovate and build a comfortable and secure civilization that serves to protect women and children. He is to defend his home from all intruders, sacrificing his life when necessary. He is to march to the battlefield and fight for his nation when called upon. He is to be of such unimpeachable character to serve as intellectual and spiritual leader of his home. He is to be a social bulwark enforcing higher standards of morality in both his community and his domicile. He is to dole out even-handed justice in matters large and small. And he is to take all blame for the failures of his household, and little of the credit for the successes. And in addition to all this, he is to maintain the social illusion that women are 100% equal to men in every way!

To be fair, both men and women of the present day typically fall short of these expectations. At least in the past, they were elevated as worthy ideals to strive for. Since the so-called liberation of the female ego, these values have been relentlessly mocked, challenged, and degraded, to the point where it’s laughable to contemplate their place in modernity. They have been relegated to quaint relics of a bygone era.

And yet, we are all worse off for it. Especially the children, who have suffered the most under the unbridled passions and frivolities of the female id.

The common scenario today is that men are hopelessly attempting to meet these expectations and demands which have never lightened up. They are mercilessly shamed and derided when the fall short, told to man up, and stop behaving like a woman. Mainstream media and entertainment proclaims that men are dogs, or chauvinist pigs, that masculinity is toxic. That we live in a rape culture, and men must police each other. That men are inherently privileged, and they must give away all that they’ve worked for to balance the scales. That there is a secret Old Boys’ Club that automatically grants men all the good things in life regardless of their merit.

On the other hand, women have rejected all forms of shaming against their sex. They are encouraged to value themselves far above their actual worth. There is no female equivalent of man up, or stop acting like a little girl. It’s forbidden to shame women for being morbidly obese, for sleeping around, for getting abortions, doing drugs, or being financially irresponsible. There are no societal expectations of women at all, except, paradoxically, that they cease behaving like traditional women. If you ask a woman what her responsibilities are in order to be considered a good woman, she’ll return a blank stare, followed by a hateful “how dare you” grimace. In their minds, the only thing they should do is “follow their dreams” however destructive or unrealistic they might be. In this context, the word dreams is interchangeable with whims.

In short, the modern woman expects to get away with doing anything and everything that crosses her mind, with no social, legal, or financial consequences whatsoever. If they ever find themselves in trouble, men are to bail them out. If they aren’t pulling their weight at work, male co-workers are to pick up their slack. If they break the law, they expect to be shown leniency on the basis of their sex. If they cheat on their partners, we are to blame the man for not being attentive to their needs. No matter how egregious their offenses, they demand second, third, and fourth chances, because gosh, golly, they are just poor helpless little girls when they want to be. And the pathetic white knights who are thirsty for any form of female affection, will constantly enable the worst traits of women everywhere.

Modern women in the West have not just broken the social contract, they have ripped it into shreds and lit it on fire while laughing maniacally. They expect men to uphold all their traditional duties and burdens, while they assign themselves total freedom from responsibility. To hold women to any standard at all is to be sexist and toxic.

Something’s got to give. This state of affairs is anything but sustainable. As more and more men wise up and drop out of the rigged game, marriage and fertility rates continue to plummet. Women refuse to give up any of their ill-gotten material luxuries and so they insist on bigger and more bloated governments, which are forced to steal from our future to make up the balance. Despite all this frantic maneuvering to avoid upsetting our precious princesses, we still find ourselves $22 trillion in debt.

There is no doubt that foreign invaders with much more conservative views about families and women’s rights are set to usurp our power in the nations we built. This is how empires always end…excessive power is granted to women by their cowed and cucked men, and the whole thing ends in shambles. The barbarians loot all the wealth and then start over again, with women treated as chattel property, until the whole cycle repeats itself.


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