The True Cause of Obesity

Nobody disputes that obesity rates in Western countries have risen dramatically over the past 50 years. The percentage of Americans classified as obese in 1960 was just 14%. The latest figures from 2010 put that number at a staggering 35%, with women edging out men by a substantial margarine. Today in 2019 the figure is probably 40% of Americans being considered obese or morbidly obese.

The definition of obesity used in these figures is quite generous at a BMI of 30 or higher. People who work to maintain a high degree of fitness hover at around half that.


These dismal numbers mean that if you go out to a public gathering looking to meet single women, more than 1 in 3 of them have already disqualified themselves. The only way to cope with such a horrific dating landscape is to drastically reduce your standards, which most men have done.

To make matters worse, as women have gotten fatter, their demands and expectations have risen just as fast as their weight. It’s not as if obese women are more willing to accept similarly overweight men. In fact the opposite seems to hold true, the fat women expect an athletic man, short women expect tall men, and broke women expect wealthy men. In a perverse paradox, women feel entitled to demand everything from men that they are personally lacking.

Ask anyone what is responsible for the expanding girth of Americans and they will be quick to tell you with the air of authority that it’s because of all the high fructose corn syrup and sugar in our modern foods. As usual, the self-proclaimed experts are only partially right. They draw all the focus to that aspect of the problem because it allows them to outsource all the blame to a distant third party. It’s all the fault of those evil corporations you see, which are run by greedy White men. If the democrats were just given more power they would surely do something about it.

The devils made me eat it.

If there’s one thing Americans love it’s absolving themselves of blame. Pointing fingers in every direction but inward is one of the most popular pastimes.

While it’s true that there’s been a rise in sugar, HFCS, and other fattening ingredients in mass-produced foods, that only tells a small part of the story. The last time I went to the grocery store, I was still able to purchase healthy whole foods that contained no chemicals or sweeteners. The big difference is that I care what I put into my body, and I’m willing to pay the price of spending a little more time in the kitchen.

While the NPC cattle are milling around in the packaged food sections, I am doing a lap around the outer perimeter of the market – produce, meat, dairy, eggs, then outta there. They make it easy. Just avoid forays into the middle aisles or the frozen section and you’ll be fine.

The mainstream media plays an enabling role by absolving the masses of personal responsibility, and assuring us we are helpless to do anything about our problems. This is part of their systematic program of grooming us to behave as children, viewing the government as our infallible parents who must be granted ever-more authority over our lives.

The true factors affecting our obesity rates are not quite as appealing as blaming the greedy and evil “White” men running our corporations. And they are much less politically correct.

For starters, Mexico overtook the U.S. as the fattest country in the world, more than five years ago. It stands to reason that Mexican immigrants in the United States would get even fatter, as they have easier access to a plethora of cheap foods, along with taxpayer assistance to buy them everything their clogged hearts desire.

Recent studies put the number of illegal immigrants in our country at around 25 million, with the vast majority of them being Mexicans. Add that to the number of legal immigrants, and you are looking at a massive number of Mexicans living in our country. There are enough of them to make a major impact on our obesity rates.

Next we must look at the contribution of Black Americans. Black women are the most likely demographic to be obese (a factoid which will come as little surprise to anyone). The number of black women who are overweight sits at an unbelievable 82%, a staggering 20% higher than White women, who are no slouches themselves. Averaged out, half of all black Americans are classified as not just overweight but obese, while only a third of White Americans fit that classification.

You betta worship this queen

As with many other negative social indicators, when you separate the Whites out from the statistics, the numbers are far more palatable, though still far from ideal. Let’s face it, Blacks and Mexicans are known for making much poorer cultural choices than their White counterparts. It may not be PC to point it out, but all available social science backs it up. There really isn’t a large health and fitness component to non-White culture. In fact, many of them view obesity as a sign of affluence and well-being. Their fat children actually serve as status symbols in their warped cultures.

It’s fair to point this out because leftists are continually heaping verbal abuse on fat rednecks, fat hillbillies, fat republicans, and fat mid-westerners. They see it as perfectly acceptable to attack people for being fat, as long as they are White. I had a liberal friend once show me an obesity heat map of the U.S., with the snide implication that republicans were fat and stupid, because states like Mississippi and Alabama showed such high rates. I responded with a racial demographic heat map which showed that the fattest areas were also the least White areas, and he literally called the map racist. As always, the factual numbers are quite a departure from the anti-White liberal narrative.

Finally, we come to perhaps the most important and most overlooked aspect of the obesity epidemic: the decrease of social shaming.

Leftists have worked hard to cultivate a society in which nobody except White males are responsible for anything. It’s taboo to criticize any other group, for anything. Blaming White males, and by proxy the corporations, is widely encouraged and accepted in the mainstream culture. A black guy rapes an elderly woman? It’s the White man’s fault for perpetuating generational poverty. A black women is disgustingly obese? It’s the White patriarchy’s fault for promulgating unrealistic beauty standards, leading to low self-esteem for non-White women.

On and on the blame game goes, but White males are not allowed to blame anyone else for their own failures. And so, they naturally have the lowest rates of obesity while every other demographic is breaking the scales. Being held to higher standards does have some advantages.

“Fat-Shaming” has become an important social issue due to the influence of narcissistic Western women and their media enablers. We are supposed to practice “fat acceptance” and treat every woman like a goddess, no matter how disgusting she allows herself to become. And as we have seen, women are herd animals who can only keep their worst impulses in check through the dread of social shaming.

We stopped calling women out for being sluts, so they started being as slutty as possible. We stopped holding them responsible for being good wives, so they drove the divorce rate into the stratosphere. We stopped demanding that they behave as respectable mothers, so they have engaged in all manner of reprehensible child abuse. And we stopped shaming them for gluttony, so a third of them became morbidly obese.


We have wrecked our entire society just to avoid hurting the feelings of women and non-Whites. It’s really that simple. The solution is to start calling a spade a spade. Remember the “No Fat Chicks” bumper stickers that were popular in the 80s? No one blinked an eye at those, everyone thought they were funny. Nowadays your car would be keyed by some pathetic lardass or her white knight enablers.

My fellow shitlords, we must bring back social shaming if we are to save the West. Do it for our posterior….er posterity!

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