The Staggering Narcissism of Western Women

Whenever a society heaps unearned praise and benefits upon a special protected class, while removing their duties, obligations and liabilities, the outcome is predictable. You end up with out-of-control narcissistic sociopaths who leave a trail of destruction in their wake until they are physically prevented from causing any more damage.

We’ve seen this with several groups in the U.S. as the subversion project has advanced through the decades, but perhaps none is so obvious as the case of Western Women.

Have we finally hit peak narcissism? The next few years will answer this question, as we either pull back from the brink of the abyss, or tumble headlong into the thousand year darkness.

Maybe those blokes in Salem weren’t so crazy after all.

Beginning in the early 20th century, American women and their sponsors have fought to remove every shred of accountability from their sex, with hardly any resistance. Female sexuality and ego has been totally released from any restraints, while men have simultaneously been stripped of their masculine energy and sexual agency through a variety of chemical and social engineering schemes.

Fathers no longer feel they have the inherent right to chastise their wayward daughters for…anything. Single mothers abound, and they have all but abandoned any pretense of authority. Girls are sexualized at younger and younger ages, raised on validation from strangers on social media, and treated as if they can do no wrong. The average girl is more confident than ever before. It doesn’t matter how unworthy of praise or recognition she is, the confidence is through the roof. Unwarranted confidence leads to a very dark and dismal place.

Demi Moore in 1997’s GI Jane, promoting exaggerated masculinity for girls.

Girls are being told by the culture, the media, their parents and teachers, not just that they can be anything, but that they can be everything. They are told that the only reason their history of achievements is so lacking is that men have deliberately oppressed them and thwarted their potential. They are taught that the only way to self-actualize is to abandon any loyalty to men, any sense of honor or duty, and any sense of self-control or delayed gratification.

The typical young women truly believes that she can spend her teens, twenties, and much of her thirties, doing drugs, drinking, smoking, and sleeping around with any guy who catches her fancy. She has been so steeped in the perversity of moral relativism that she no longer feels any guilt or apprehension about having so many sexual partners that she literally loses count. She sees nothing wrong with casual drug use and heavy drinking. Delay of family formation and childbirth is not just seen as an option, but an imperative.

In this gynocentric world we have allowed to develop, our women have literally turned feral on us, and the indoctrinated zombies applaud such a state of affairs.

Women have become obsessed with their sexuality, their own genitalia, and their competition to be more masculine, crude, and offensive than any man could hold a candle to. To what end? Everything that has been implanted into the pliable female mind has the end goal of reducing fertility, thus dooming the White race to lose a war of attrition. To ask the question is to answer it. White women have been programmed to destroy their own kind from the inside out, as complicit actors in a traitorous scheme more evil than anything we’d ever imagined.

In many cases, abstinence is the best policy!

Take a look at some of the red flags that mark the irreversible decline in our females, and which illustrate the stratospheric narcissism and self-indulgence they have succumbed to:

The vast majority of marriages end in divorce, and women file a whopping 80% of divorces!

There are thousands of articles and essays written about how men can be better partners to their women, and how they can do more to show their understanding and devotion to female needs. You would be hard-pressed to find even one single article in a national publication that implores women to be better wives by catering to their husband’s needs.

Men are given a very long list of all the things they must accomplish and all the qualities they must have in order to be considered “real men”, responsible fathers, and good husbands. Women on the other hand haven’t the slightest idea what their obligations are, and only think in terms of what they are owed. Ask a woman what qualities she should bring to the table and you’ll be met with a blank stare.

Women have demanded the right to unilaterally kill unborn babies inside their wombs, with no obligation to the father, and yet the father is fully obligated to pay child support if she decides to keep the baby and hook up with a different man. Is mommy’s new boyfriend a coke dealer or an ex-con? A child molester? Doesn’t matter. Pay me now.

If the father doesn’t agree to paying for a child he is no longer allowed to visit, he will be jailed. If he loses his job, becomes homeless and is unable to keep up with the payments, he’s going to prison. Are women ever jailed for being unable to pay their bills?

Women have demanded, and been given, the right to invade formerly male professions, clubs, and social roles, with no responsibility for results. Women don’t see anything wrong with long-held standards being lowered across the board to accommodate their fleeting desires to be firefighters, police officers, or combat soldiers. They believe that pandering to their vanity is more important than maintaining effective military or police.

Western society in a single image. credit: Ilya Varlamov

Women think “The Vagina Monologues” is a serious and important work, and millions of them dragged their weary husbands and sons to see stage productions of this idiotic self-obsession. They are positively obsessed with their own sexual organs and their “rights” to be indiscriminate harlots without the social shaming that traditionally accompanies their disgusting behavior.

I’m in love with my own genitals…but YOU’RE the creep!

Women strongly believe they are abused, oppressed, and sexually assaulted far more so than men are, despite all evidence to the contrary.

Women perpetuate the myth of the wage gap, no matter how many times it is thoroughly debunked.

Women demand that male society participate in absurd, emasculating rituals to demonstrate their compassion and understanding of female issues, while they would never dream of returning the favor.

Walk A Mile In Her Shoes, public castration ritual

Women see nothing wrong with systematically eliminating all traditional male spaces and fraternal organizations, while simultaneously erecting thousands of female-only groups and organizations. It’s almost as if they’re afraid that men get together unsupervised, they will begin to compare notes and the entire scam they’ve been playing will start to come undone. The very last thing women want is any form of male solidarity, but of course they constantly push for female unity…’us sisters gotta stick together’.

Women will attack a group like the Boy Scouts, which seeks to instill positive values in young men, with lawsuits and social pressure to include girls, rather than simply reforming their own organizations to reflect their own goals. The idea of anything that is explicitly for men or boys just drives them up the wall! They already have the Girl Scouts – but they are driven by penis envy to destroy the Boy Scouts.

Women see nothing wrong with men taking all the dirty, dangerous, and unpleasant jobs while being paid less than women who play on the internet all day, and they still proclaim that they are unfairly discriminated against when it comes to jobs.

Women will demand society-wide perversions like “fat acceptance” to make themselves feel more desirable, but you would never in a million years see these same women encouraging acceptance of short, bald, or fat men. Even the most grotesque woman feels she deserves nothing less than a tall, handsome, athletic partner.

The SJW Final Boss

Women can participate in the most disgusting, degenerate pornography, and still expect to marry a good upstanding provider when they get bored of taking strange cocks for a living.

Women can steadfastly refuse to give their husband any children, and expect him to love and support her all the same. If a man tried the equivalent – refusing to work for a paycheck – he would find the whole of society aligned against him.

Women have been given such easy access to our university systems that their graduation rates far outstrip those of men, and yet they still whine that they are not treated fairly.

Women were granted the right to vote by the men who fought and died for that right, while not being required to sacrifice anything of themselves in the event of war or civic strife.

Women who have better lives and more easy opportunities than any livings being in the history of the world, still insist that they are so persecuted that they need to stage massive street demonstrations, wearing models of their own genitalia as hats! (peak lunacy)

Women have demanded that breast cancer be seen as one of the most important issues of our time, with billions in public money poured into it, and pink ribbons thrust into every single aspect of traditional male life – football games, military parades, public spaces – and yet they have remained completely silent on the diseases like prostate cancer which effect men.

Imagine being this cucked.

Women have demanded, and been given, the “right” to literally dump unwanted babies at any fire or police station, without any questions or penalties, and they are lauded as brave heroes for taking advantage of this arrangement!

Women believe they are so special and praiseworthy, that they instituted International Women’s Day in a grand show of self-congratulation.


Women constantly proclaim their equality to men, yet still insist that they deserve half of a man’s earnings for the rest of their lives should they decide to file for divorce. They have codified no fault divorce into law, so that they don’t even need a reason to steal half their former partner’s earnings. They can do it on a mere whim, with the full backing of our vast legal system.

Women can steal children away from their fathers and move across the country without telling anyone where they are, and they are praised for their bravery and independence. When a father tries the same thing, he is designated a kidnapper, and nationwide alerts are sent out for his arrest and imprisonment.

We have yet to see an Amber Alert when a mother abducts the child from the father.

Women are almost never homeless or destitute unless they choose to be, and there are thousands of organizations to provide them with free money, housing, food, and healthcare at any time. Men who have lost their jobs and homes due to injury, illness, or mental health issues are routinely ignored by social service providers, and left to die alone on the streets.


2500 liberals walked right by without a pause.

Little girls are taught that everything they do is beautiful and amazing. Little boys are taught that all of their natural impulses are toxic and problematic. Even just holding your ground and refusing to grovel in the face of aggressive harassment is considered such an egregious act when done by a White male, that it was deemed newsworthy for nearly a month!

Women will abuse and emasculate their own sons, teaching them to be weak and effeminate, obedient little betas. Then these same monstrous women will turn around and encourage their daughters to date other races, due to the dearth of masculine White men…and they don’t even stop to think about how they are responsible for this outcome!

There’s an epidemic of female school teachers raping their underage students, but it rarely makes the news and nobody ever talks about it. We wouldn’t want to embarrass the poor things by shining the spotlight on their revolting behavior! They hardly ever serve jail time for these serious crimes, and when the subject comes up most people laugh it off as if child rape is some funny joke, as long as it’s not a man doing it. They also make excuses for the woman, often blaming her husband for not showering her with enough attention and flattery.

Women can even kill their own children by drowning them in the bathtub, and the public take is that she is actually the victim, and she suffers from some new form of depression, so all should be forgiven after a few counseling sessions.

When men get raped in prison, it’s either a funny joke, or “he deserved it”. But when women get raped it is the most horrific violation in the world…outside of being racist that is.

When men get slapped, punched, or kicked in the balls for some minor infraction in the movies, it’s funny and entertaining. Would they still be laughing if a man punched a woman in the face for being annoying?

There are numerous other examples, but there is enough here to illustrate how incredibly lopsided our system is. I have observed countless men kowtow to women in every imaginable situation. I have witnessed fathers, particularly from the Baby Boomer generation, lavish praise and money on their daughters no matter how reprehensible her behavior, while holding their sons to an impossible “one strike and you’re out” standard. I have seen employers, schools, and government agencies pander to women, awarding them high-paying jobs solely on the basis of their sex, and failing to discipline them or hold them to any measurable standards at all, while treating men in the opposite manner.


And the worst part of all this is that women see it, they live it, and they are still okay with it! Where are the female voices speaking out against these injustices that are damaging their husbands, sons, and brothers? As long as they get theirs, they simply don’t give a damn about men. They are absolutely delighted with this grossly unfair system which rewards them for doing nothing while mercilessly punishing men for the slightest misstep. This proves the accusation that women have no innate sense of justice, honor, or integrity. These principles are the domain of men and men only. Women do not object to double standards and systemic injustice, so long as it benefits them! What’s more, even with the deck stacked in their favor, they still continually cry that they are being mistreated. The lack of honesty or integrity stunning!

It’s amazing that they are still taken seriously, that their demands are still met, that they are still treated like serious adults. It’s a testament to how many disgusting, thirsty cuckolds are out there who would rather grovel like a worm than make the effort to improve themselves.

Who is the bigger enemy – the women who have re-engineered society to their unfair benefit, or the pathetic men who have enabled this rotten state of affairs? The Baby Boomer men I know who have participated and encouraged this destruction of the Western female are some of the most contemptuous human beings I’ve ever run across. They are small-souled bugmen and traitors to their own kind. All they have ever cared about is their own material comfort and their sexual access to nauseatingly ugly and worn out whores. And worse, they will never admit they were wrong. They will certainly never stand up to women, for they are the epitome of spineless cucks.

The elevation of women above men has been very systematic and deliberate, because our “Chosen” social controllers know it is the most sure way to subvert and destroy a society. They correctly intuited that the spoiled and narcissistic White woman would serve as a very willing vector for them to spread their social disease. This is why you don’t see the same propaganda leveled at non-White women. The goal has always been to obliterate the power of White men, and their own women were eager co-conspirators in this despicable plot.

Any females who find themselves reading this will undoubtedly believe themselves to be such special and rare snowflakes that none of this bad stuff applies to them. They will also queue up all the tired, unoriginal insults to hurl at the author. He’s ugly, he’s fat, he’s got a small penis, he lives with his mother, he’s a virgin, he hates women, he reads comic books, blah blah blah. Anything but look into that mirror and see the soulless harpy leering back at them.

For the record I don’t hate women at all. But I certainly do hate what they’ve become under this gynocentric society. When the female ego is unshackled from societal expectations, the results are appalling. Men have written about these phenomena for thousands of years because the darkness of female nature is always lurking under the surface, waiting for an opportunity to express itself. Men are builders and women are destroyers. This is the reason that patriarchy naturally developed in every lasting society around the world from the dawn of mankind.

My observations of them have no bearing on my ability to seduce them. If anything, being realistic about what women are makes it easier to capture their interest. Most are too ignorant and small-minded to discuss any serious subjects, so they have no idea what I believe anyway, and they don’t care. That suits me fine.

If Western society survives the coming decade, we will see a return to a patriarchy that makes shariah law look tame by comparison. Women have proven beyond any doubt that they are incapable of handling their freedom and that men of the past were correct in their assessments of them. As soon as the gravy train of easy government money dries up, everything changes in a heartbeat. How can we ever respect them again, after they have shown who they truly are? It will take a lot of time.

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