The Orange Pill

The Trump presidency started out bursting with promise, and his supporters were willing to give him wide latitude because they knew the resistance he was facing in Washington. Even those who had reservations about the brash New York billionaire largely gave themselves to optimism and hoped for the best.

As things wore on, the cracks begin to show. The more astute observers started to realize that Trump’s worst enemies were not necessarily the deep state, but his own narcissism, and nepotism.

Jared Kushner and Ivanka suddenly jumped into a starring role in the presidency, one that few of his voters anticipated or approved of. It quickly became apparent that his neoliberal daughter and son-in-law carried influence far beyond their worth, merely by dint of familial connection.

The second clue that something was severely wrong was that he stuffed his cabinet with a veritable who’s who of New York financial elites, Goldman-Sachs alumni, robber barons, deep state lifers, and hardcore Zionists. The chants of “Drain the Swamp” so popular at his lively rallies were drowned to a distant buzz as he invited one swamp creature after another to fill critical roles in the White House.

The few good guys that Trump had managed to place in his inner circle were quickly ousted for daring to raise questions about Jarvanka’s outsized influence, or to challenge the thin-skinned president’s massive ego investments. In no case was this more clear than the unceremonious discarding of Steve Bannon, who while far from perfect, seemed to be one of the dominant voices in the Trump camp urging him to deliver on his promises to middle America.

With Bannon out of the way, Trump seemingly became unmoored from his campaign promises and started meddling in the Middle East, ignoring the base that had elected him, and behaving as if he were the prime minister of Israel rather than the president of the United States.

The ill-advised bombing of Syria based on what was clearly a false flag chemical attack, was the final straw for many of his stalwart supporters who had helped meme him into the oval office. And that was only the beginning. It would get worse…much worse.

Fast forward to 2019, post mid-terms, and it’s hard to imagine this is the same Trump we voted for. Supporters have suffered a long series of stinging betrayals, including the massive aid package to Israel being signed into law, the hiring of neocon chickenhawk John Bolton to oversee what is presumably war plans against Iran, the abandonment of promises on the Wall, the softening of his stance on illegal immigration, and the recent signing of a disastrous spending bill which gives democrats nearly everything they wanted in return for a fistful of sand. His February state of the union address was an unmitigated disaster, signalling to even the most stubborn Trump cheerleaders that the party was over. He is no longer /ourguy/, if he ever was in the first place. The money quote from the SOTU that really stuck it to his supporters: “Legal immigrants enrich our nation and strengthen our society in countless ways. I want people to come into our country in the largest numbers ever, but they have to come in legally.

Before his diehard supporters could pick their jaws up off the floor, he went on to supplicate and grovel before Israel and the Jewish lobby for nearly a half hour, with nary a mention of the White working class who pinned their hopes on the billionaire blowhard.

When reporters followed up on his immigration remarks, asking if it signaled a change in policy, he doubled down: “Yes,” he said, “because we need people in our country because our unemployment numbers are so low, and we have massive numbers of companies coming back into our country.”

Was it all just an act to get elected? Did he ever really care about us, or did something change? Did he play a brilliant game of 3D chess against his own supporters by convincing them he would stand up for their rights, only to throw them under the bus once he got what he wanted? We may never know but it hardly matters. The damage is done. Today, it’s hard to find anybody except shills and suckers who openly profess support for the president formerly known as the God Emperor.

We thought Trump would be the antidote to the spineless, complacent GOP, but aside from a few edgy tweets he’s done nothing to defend the interests of White Americans who see their quality of life slipping away more and more each week.

The Trump Train went off the rails, and crashed in a devastating heap with few survivors. It’s difficult to see anything that Trump has done which wouldn’t have been done by Jeb Bush, or Ted Cruz. While all three of the men are committed Zionists, it’s difficult to see the others being so blatant in their Israel-First mentalities. With Trump, he has insulted, rebuked, and pilloried his own base supporters far more times than he has stood up for them. It’s extremely difficult to see any way he can come back from this and regain trust. If his purpose was to demoralize the right wing and dash their hopes of ever attaining true political representation, then he’s done a stellar job. The writing is on the wall – he’s either compromised or he is a two-faced liar. Either way, it’s time to look to the future and decide what we want in a post-Trump world, because one thing is for sure, it’s going to be sheer hell when a democrat next takes the White House. They will have a long list of perceived grievances from Trump’s reckless presidency, and they will seek retribution against us, the voters who were duped into supporting him.

It may not be time to publicly burn our MAGA hats just yet, but the time for boundless optimism has come to a crashing end. Pragmatism demands that we accept reality – our two-party political system is aligned against anything that might benefit regular working class White folks. And we’re forbidden from even talking about it unless we wish to be attacked by both the cuckservatives on the right and the cultural marxists on the left. What is Plan B?

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