Ten Ways Trump Could Redeem Himself

The party’s long been over and formerly confident Trump supporters are nursing some nasty hangovers. It was apparent by the end of 2017 that the president was burned out, with very little of the fight that he showed during his campaign. As he systematically discarded his most righteous advisors and replaced them with banksters and old guard neocons, his base was forced to undergo a serious downgrade in expectations.

Trump whipped his crowds into a frenzy with some great policy ideas during the campaign. These ideas were likely the product of men like Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller, who saw their influence rapidly diminish under the shadows of Jared and Ivanka.

2018 was enough to snuff the last remaining flames of hope. Trump went from being hailed as the God Emperor, to “at least he’s not as bad as Hillary”. The ugly losses of the mid-term elections sealed the deal. Sure, Trump still polls decently, but his supporters are not the same piss-and-vinegar red meat crowd they used to be, and unlikely to be as reliable come 2020. The last true believers were replaced by a motley crew of Israel-firsters, warmongers, and Chamber of Commerce greedheads. Even National Review columnists and former NeverTrumpers are singing his praises these days, in a perverse testament to how far he’s fallen.

Is there anything Trump could do at this point to salvage his crash-and-burn presidency and bring his energetic and youthful supporter base back into the fold? Sure, but he is extremely unlikely to do any of it. He’s found that just talking and tweeting is enough to keep the lemmings in line without ever having to deliver on anything. Even more worrying, he seems to be answering to an entirely different power nowadays – one that resides in a foreign capital. (Hint: it’s not Moscow)

Here are ten things that Trump could do which would have an enormously reinvigorating effect on his weary constituents. These items are not far out of bounds, in fact he promised action on most of them during his campaign. But Trump is a very different man now, just two years later, and it’s almost laughable to envision him doing any of this today.

  1. Introduce national concealed carry reciprocity. It’s an immeasurable injustice that our most vulnerable citizens in crime-plagues cities such as Baltimore, Washington D.C., Detroit, Chicago, and Los Angeles are denied their constitutional right to defend themselves. Concealed Carry Permits should be like drivers licenses – granted on a shall issue basis to all who meet the minimum qualifications and undergo basic safety training, and valid in all 50 states. Anything less makes no sense. Trump promised action on this during his campaign and then never mentioned it again after he was elected.
  2. Send them back! It’s obvious we won’t be getting an effective border wall, which was the cornerstone of the Trump campaign. He could, however, take the next best action, and begin the process of deporting illegals by the trainloads. He could sue and withhold federal funds from all cities and states which have enacted sanctuary policies. He could end the DACA sham, and enact severe penalties for employers caught employing illegals. He could take serious action on chain migration and birth tourism, by executive order if necessary.
  3. End the H1-B visa scam. It’s a slap in the face to all American workers to continue this unconscionable giveaway of American wages to unqualified foreigners who are willing to undercut our middle class by cramming themselves shoulder to shoulder in small apartments. There is not any real need for one single H1-B visa worker, it’s a massive betrayal, and the program’s only purpose is to allow trillion dollar tech monopolies to skip out on the check after stuffing their faces at the American trough.
  4. Withdraw all troops from the middle east, and Just Say NO to war on Iran. Trump essentially ran on an anti-war platform, and yet it’s another area where he’s done a complete reversal, hiring Bolton to gin up a case for attacking Iran. Americans don’t want war in the middle east to protect Israeli interests. And Iran, Syria, and Afghanistan pose absolutely no threat to American citizens. It’s hard to believe we are still there mucking around in Afghanistan all these years later…maybe there is something to the conspiracy theories about us protecting the heroin trade centered there.
  5. Lock her up. There hasn’t been a whisper about investigating the Clintons and their sprawling crime syndicate, ever since Trump took office. It’s yet another unforgivable betrayal that he has ignored their many proven crimes while focusing on petty and trivial matters like CNN partisanship. We expected action against the Clinton Foundation, against Anthony Weiner, against the Aman Brothers, and Debbi Wasserman-Schultz, and we’ve gotten absolutely nothing.
  6. Make it clear to the American public that pedogate is not just some wacky conspiracy theory. The deep state is involved in nefarious sexual blackmail operations, often involving minors, and this is how they’ve maintained their grip on power. At this point it’s indisputably true, and there is plenty of evidence. Trump should know better than anyone since he claims friendship with one of the alleged masterminds. What’s lacking is not evidence, it’s a person in a position of authority who has the courage to blow the lid off it.
  7. Go after the big tech monopolies who have engaged in despicable violations of the First Amendment. The systematic deplatforming and silencing of conservative and right wing voices must stop, and it will take action from the government. These companies are in gross violation of the public trust. The claim that they are private entities free to do as they wish is flimsy at best, when a small bakery can be forced by activist judges to bake gay wedding cakes or else be foreclosed on. The social media giants function as the modern equivalent of the public square, and therefore they must uphold every citizen’s right to free expression as long as it does not violate U.S. law. If they don’t like that, perhaps they would prefer to be classified as publishers, and made responsible for all of the copyright violations and other illegal activities they are complicit in. Once again Trump has been cowardly and silent on one of the most critical issues facing us today.
  8. Election reform. After the obvious chicanery in Florida and other states during the 2018 mid-term elections, you would think Trump would finally get around to addressing the rampant vote fraud that’s been happening for decades in our country. Instead we get the sound of crickets chirping. Why can’t he crack down on states that have failed to protect the integrity of their electoral systems? Why can’t he assemble a taskforce to identify the vulnerabilities in our electronic voting systems, and either discard the machines and go back to paper ballots, or issue an executive mandate commanding the responsible companies to patch all vulnerabilities under the threat of back-breaking lawsuits and penalties? The democrats are busy bending every law they can in order to cheat their way into power in 2020, and Trump’s response is cold silence.
  9. HUD reform. When Trump negotiates the next budget he needs to get serious about reducing funding to some of the toxic programs that have been working against the American middle class for decades. HUD and the Section 8 program are nothing but trojan horses designed to destroy formerly safe neighborhoods while enriching crony capitalist real estate scammers. The idea that any Americans besides the elderly and disabled, deserve long-term rental housing on the backs of taxpayers is ludicrous. We’ve created a massive pool of layabouts who ruin cities, and victimize working people. The entire welfare system is due for a top-to-bottom overhaul, with every single non-essential service cut to the bone. Our staggering debt load demands as much.

    Trump spends a lot of time pandering to non-Whites on his Twitter feed, but they still call him racist!
  10. Mention “White people” in a positive context. Trump drones on and on about the interests of blacks, Mexicans, women, Jews, gays and every other special interest group. But he NEVER mentions the people that are responsible for putting him in the White House. Without the support of White volunteers, Trump’s candidacy would have never gotten off the ground, and without the passion and dedication of White voters, he certainly would have never won the election. And yet, he seems loathe to even mention White people by name, let alone talk about what he will do for us. It’s sickening watching him bend over backward to pander to every ragtag group under the sun while going out of his way to throw Whites under the bus.

We all know that none of these things are likely to happen, because unfortunately Trump has demonstrated that he has a flair for showmanship but lacks the grit and determination, and most of all the sense of sacrifice, to enact real change. But hey a fella can dream. Imagine if we had a tough, uncompromising statesman in office who rejected nepotism, rejected banksterism, and rejected zionism, in order to stand tall and proud for the American People. It would be a beautiful thing to behold. And the thought of it terrifies those who are really in charge.

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