Mother Of All Migrant Caravans

In the face of inaction by the Trump administration, a massive new surge is being called ‘The Mother of All Migrant Caravans’ by immigration officials. This march of invaders comprises as many as 20,000 would-be illegal aliens, determined to thumb their noses at American law and sidestep customs procedures.

This latest caravan comes on the heels of several others, which have all been allowed to simply march across our border and claim public benefits for themselves. Their “asylum” requests ring hollow in the absence of any recognized wars or civil unrest in their home countries.

The caravan is suspected to be organized by criminal gangs, with Mexico’s Interior Minister Olga Sanchez Cordero claiming that the Mexican government is cooperating with U.S. intelligence agencies to identify the criminal groups responsible for its coordination.

If we give immigration advocates the benefit of the doubt and assume that “most of the immigrants are just seeking honest work”, and that only a small percentage have ill intentions, that still leaves us with several hundred potential criminals coming into our country with no identification.

It’s extremely likely that Mexico’s infamous drug cartels are taking advantage of this situation to smuggle narcotics over our borders, swamping our communities with readily available drugs such as Fentanyl, Oxycontin, and Heroin, which have proven to be a deadly scourge among our nation’s youth. It’s also a logical assumption that many criminal fugitives are camouflaged in the masses of impoverished migrants.

President Trump, as usual, has been quick to tweet on the situation. Real-world action has been woefully lacking, which has empowered these caravans to keep coming in wave after wave of human refuse that their own countries refuse to take responsibility for.

It’s frustrating watching the president cast blame on the democrats and the Mexican government when it’s clear that he’s the only person with the power to put an end to this blatant invasion of our country. As Commander-in-Chief, Trump has all the power he needs to overrule his detractors and defend his constituents against this grave threat to national security.

We all know that once these immigrants step across the finish line, it will literally take an act of congress to get them to go back home. They will never leave. Instead they will blend into the existing communities of illegal aliens, taking advantage of identity fraud and the numerous criminal enterprises which have been set up to assist their invasion and help them evade detection.

It couldn’t be more clear – we need a border wall and we need to take a zero tolerance stance against illegal immigrants and those who are assisting them in breaking our laws. Any NGO, non-profit, church, employer, or landlord caught playing accomplice to these lawbreakers should face financial penalties severe enough to immediately put a stop to their treasonous betrayal of the American working class.

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