Leftist Life Cycle

When you zoom out and observe the patterns of leftism as a social phenomenon, it truly resembles a virus strain or malignant cancer. The life cycle of progressive liberalism follows the same pattern over and over again.

The leftist agitator arrives in a clean, efficient, prosperous city. The city grew to be that way because its founders were tough, efficient, and fiscally conservative. You can’t point to a single major city that was founded on the values embraced by modern leftists. San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore – they were all built by extraordinarily hard-working White men who would be considered far right by today’s standards.

Liberalism doesn’t build or create anything. It’s an opportunistic infection that strikes when the host grows decadent and weak from an abundance of wealth. Leftists only appear after the hard work has already been done. They are there to feed on the excess like parasites.

After a city has attracted a critical mass of leftists due to it’s cleanliness and economic opportunity, they begin to “organize”. This involves luring new recruits, infiltrating local press and government, and infecting the universities which represent fertile ground for young, impressionable minds. With their growing numbers, the leftists look to remake the city in their own image.

They look at the prosperity, cleanliness, and order, and they claim that it’s the result of White Privilege. They make heavy use of emotional manipulation, with guilt and shame being their primary weapons. They convince the weakest of the population – women and left-leaning men – that they are indebted to the less fortunate by dint of their Whiteness and relative affluence. They make people feel like they’ve committed a terrible crime if they worked hard and saw financial benefits from their labors.

If there aren’t enough non-Whites and indigents around, the leftists will draw more of them to the city by redistributing the taxes of the original residents, to erect all manner of government programs offering unearned benefits to the lazy, the addicted, and the deranged. Word gradually gets around that this city is the land of milk and honey for those who wish to live on the taxpayer’s dime. Endless waves of homeless drifters begin to arrive, along with third world immigrants, criminal fugitives, and sociopaths. Like houseflies to a chicken carcass left on the table, they descend in a swarm and pick the city coffers to the bone.

When these masses of impoverished drug addicts, criminals, and minorities aggregate in one area they quickly begin to turn formerly pleasant streets into unsafe ghettos. This creates a chain reaction where good citizens flee the area as bad ones continue pouring in, and the ghetto grows and spreads like an aggressive cancer.

The leftists in city government and the non-profit sector feed this runaway growth of blight and misery by re-allocating more and more taxpayer funding to it. They take away from spending on things like schools, roads, parks, libraries, and small business incentives. They divert billions to social services which cater to these voracious newcomers. The available benefits continually increase, to include free housing, free food, free medical care, free clothing, free transportation and free education. While the working class struggles to keep their heads above water and meet the rising cost of living, the welfare class enjoys higher and higher standards of living, which in turn brings more of them.

The crime rates begin to soar as a result of putting a lot of criminally-inclined people together in one area with little to no police supervision. The non-Whites are treated with incredible lenience by the police and court system, which fuels their increasingly sociopathic behavior. They can literally get away with murder, because the police are afraid of being called racists, the courts are packed with far-left apologists, and the jails are overburdened and overpriced. Detectives are typically faced with unsolved case backlogs that would take years to work through. It’s more attractive to charge the White working class with minor traffic infractions and rack up large fines than it is to enforce the law against people with no money or property to seize.

The city becomes littered with large no-go zones, where normal citizens are afraid to pass, police rarely patrol, and criminals go unpunished. Warring gang factions take over large swaths of the prime urban real estate, which had formerly been productive factories, office buildings, and rail yards. Shopping malls become unprofitable as they are subsumed by loitering non-White teens with no money to spend, who harass and intimidate middle class shoppers.

The city that had been so clean, safe, and productive is now showing signs of terminal decline. The costs of maintaining the welfare entitlements, criminal justice, and crumbling infrastructure has gone through the roof, leaving no money for projects that increase quality of life for the middle class. The city budget deficit spirals out of control. Large public employee unions comprised primarily of affirmative action hires, vote themselves ever-greater salary and benefits packages, while the non-government workers have to work harder for less pay. Ethnic nepotism becomes prevalent, with many industries becoming closed off to White workers after the affirmative action hires gained a foothold in management. Inner city neighborhoods become decimated by crime and decay, which forces families and middle class workers further out into the suburbs where they must pay exorbitant rents and mortgages due to the shortage of quality housing. This in turn creates traffic gridlock, as tens of thousands of commuters navigate the narrow chokepoints leading into the downtown job centers.

Overall, life becomes more and more unbearable for normal, every day citizens, as the cancer of leftism spreads and consumes larger sections of the city. The so-called progressives who’s policies are responsible for all the new problems never apologize, never retreat. Instead they double down, feeding even more public resources into the black hole of “public welfare”. Their dirty secret is that the more human misery they cultivate, the more they profit. As the City Administrators and NGO Directors, they are engaged in a complex scam to bilk taxpayers and federal government resources, making themselves rich while doing very little if anything to address the problems they are tasked with solving.

Eventually a tipping point is reached where the disparity between rich and poor is so great, and the economic stratification is so pronounced, that the middle class is choked out. The upward mobility they had relied on has vanished, up in smoke like so many billions of tax dollars. They can’t live in the inner city because it’s too unsafe and the schools are terrible. They can’t live in the suburbs because the home prices and the commutes have become intolerable. Any extra money they make is immediately gobbled up by the expansive taxation schemes and by the real-estate-industrial-complex which greedily exploits the leftist growth-restriction laws they helped to craft.

The harried middle and upper middle class worker begins desperately seeking a way out of this depressing lifestyle. He starts eying cities that are further inland, or further north, or further out of the way. Without admitting as much, he is looking for a more conservative area, where the streets are safe and clean, the people are more homogeneous and friendly, and the economy is more business-friendly.

He soon finds a place that looks pretty appealing, and he realizes he can cash out the skyrocketing equity of his coastal home and use the money to live like a king in Texas, or Montana, or New Hampshire, or North Carolina. He finally takes the plunge, sells his house, cashes out his 401k, and packs the family up for the long move to their new home.

He arrives in his quiet, peaceful new city and unpacks his things in his new McMansion. He won a bidding war for the house against other former Californians, and overpaid by about 30%, but that’s okay because it’s still cheap compared to what he’s used to. The fact that his foolishness has priced out other middle class workers who were born and raised in that town never even crosses his mind.

He stretches, takes a deep breath, and muses…this place sure is nice. But it’s so conservative! And so White! And it’s so quiet and peaceful, it’s boring! It’s time for these yokels to evolve. What this place needs is more diversity. More culture. More programs for the less fortunate. And more laws to prevent these gun-toting rednecks from shooting some well-meaning burglar or rapist who was only trying to feed his family!

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