Humanity Has Been Hacked

The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.
-Vladimir Lenin

Advanced human societies have been around for thousands of years, and all of them have been run similarly to a cattle ranch. The dull-witted eaters have always been at the bottom, and their energies have been harnessed to serve the ruling classes. Over the centuries, the rulers of these societies have developed and refined the tools which enable their rule.

This isn’t news to most people, but what is seldom talked about is the extent to which human psychology has been hacked, in order for the elites to exercise nearly perfect control of cause and effect. Most of the normies and NPCs are vaguely aware that society is controlled, but they still believe things happen organically for the most part. They believe that those at the top of industries like media, law, and education, are merely responding to the demands of the public.

Nothing is as organic as it is made to appear.


They believe the civil rights movement was an organic response to rising inequality. They believe that mass third world immigration has been instituted because the newly enlightened public decided it was the right thing to do. They believe the hippy movement culminating in Woodstock was a natural response to the evils of the Vietnam War. They believe that the outlandish levels of debauchery in modern culture is due to the masses becoming more intellectually progressive and moving further away from the stodgy, restrictive, old-fashioned morality of the past.

Most importantly, they believe their political systems are democratic, and that the politicians and governments are merely doing the bidding of those who elected them. This clever trick ensures that nothing is ever blamed squarely on the government itself. Instead, people blame their own family members and neighbors who voted for the wrong party. Their blame is wasted on fuzzy, nebulous targets instead of being focused on the guilty traitors and nation-wreckers who usurped their democracies.

These false beliefs are the keys that prevents revolution. The lower classes tend to blame themselves and their fellow serfs for the social conditions they find themselves in. Who is there to revolt against? Their own daughters? They are the ones demanding that cultural corrosives like rap music be exalted in our culture, because they are just rebellious teens following their natural impulses to do shock their killjoy parents. Heck it’s not much different than my generation listening to Elvis and The Beatles, the clueless Baby Boomer tells himself.

The truth must be too painful for them to admit – that they are controlled like dogs. That they like whatever their masters tell them to like. That there is absolutely nothing organic about it, and that society is shaped by propaganda which serves the agendas of the elites. You will eat what is put in front of you, and you will learn to love it! And if you don’t love it, you damned well better pretend that you do.

These mouth-breathing masses believe that the human condition is to grow more degenerate with each passing generation, and that the media industry is simply responding to market demand for ever more degrading and disgusting products.

You can track the incredible pace of these degenerate forces over just a few decades and see how easily the elites have been able to shape our cultural landscape for their own sinister ends. Every single element of our culture has changed dramatically for the worse from the 1950s to today. We find ourselves immersed in literal satanic propaganda and purely evil themes across all entertainment mediums, and it only took a couple of generations to make us accept this.

Men are far more resistant to arbitrary cultural changes, and that’s why the Hostile Alien Elite has worked so hard to place females in the cultural driver’s seat. Women and girls now dictate what is popular, what music we should listen to, what shows we should watch, whether or not we should go to church, what clothes we should wear, how promiscuous we should be, and who is worthy of our respect or admiration. Females simply follow whatever feels good in the moment (if it feels good, do it), and they follow whatever the elite power tells them to. They operate on social proof and consensus, and so it is very easy to get women enthusiastically following the latest trends, fads, and fashions.

By directing female tastes from a top-down hierarchy, the Hostile Alien Elite is able to easily achieve its objectives of neutering and eradicating threats to its power. There are enough weak-willed beta males who will follow whatever seems to be popular with the women, so that once you capture these two groups you can sweep the table in a democratic system.

The elites know that they will never be able to capture everyone. There will always be anomalies who see through their indoctrination and maintain their self-ownership. They long ago stopped trying to control these fish that flopped out of their nets, and have switched to a policy of violently destroying them, using their chosen golems.

They don’t need everybody to be on board. They only need the majority of the females, who then influence at least a third of the males – the beta boys, cucks, and white knights – and then they have the majority numbers they need to crush dissent.

In order to keep women fighting this traitorous war of subversion against their own men, the same techniques are used that have successfully kept other groups in line. Blacks are kept in an angry and rebellious state through the slavery and colonialism narratives. Central Americans are directed by the false narrative that land which rightfully belongs to them was unfairly stolen and should be returned, along with all the wealth generated on that land. Jews are kept united in their us-versus-them mentality through constant reminders of antisemitism and the holocaust narrative. And White women are constantly aroused to betrayal against their own families by telling them lies about their historical oppression and lies about their inherent equality to men.

The elites have access to hundreds of years worth of empirical research, psychological studies, black budget experiments, advanced technology, surveillance, and indoctrination campaigns. They have the carefully documented results of limitless A/B testing played out on populations around the globe. They have used their wealth and power solely to perpetuate their own power, for power’s sake. Not to do good in the world or to improve conditions for humanity.


They control and play both sides of the political dialectic. They introduce all the problems that they then purport to solve. They have their people embedded in every resistance group, at every level. They directly control ALL politicians at the national level, through bribery, threats, or blackmail. They have an unlimited budget with which to play with our lives.

They know all the right buttons to push in order to generate the desired outcome. They have wargamed every strategy and every obstacle in their way, and developed finely tuned plans to address every potential scenario. Their one Achilles heel is chaos.

Due to the advent of more efficient weapons and communications technology, the ruling elites decided it was more favorable to switch to a model of soft power rather than hard power. They always keep destruction and violence in their pocket as an option to be used (what, you thought all that military power was to be used against the other guys?), but their preferred means of control is via mass brainwashing. Now that the people have access to mass communication, and weapons that can level the playing field, it’s too dangerous to rule by open totalitarianism. With a few good orators and some unity of purpose, the typical population could easily decide one day to overthrow their slavemasters and there would be nothing to stand in their way.

So it was determined that soft power, hidden behind layers of democracy and media, was the better way to maintain power. What better way to get people to do your bidding than to convince them it was their own idea? And if anyone steps out of line, the mass media machine can portray them as a dangerous dissenter, and turn the passions of the hordes against them. The people do their masters’ dirty work for them, by shouting down and attacking their brothers who call for change.

As a last resort, in the face of organized rebellion, the False Flag can be used. Anyone who does serious research on the key events of history will become amazed at how integral the false flag trick has been to maintaining humanity as slaves on a plantation. With the false flag, entire groups can be quickly demonized in the public eye. Wars can even be started. Do you honestly think the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, or the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, or the attacks on 9/11 were just organic events that unfolded unpredictably and caught the authorities off guard?

You can bet that the false flag scheme will be used to start World War III just as it was to start the first two. Any observant political analyst already knows pretty much exactly how it will play out, with Iran being blamed for a small-scale nuclear attack.

There is little more important than awakening the last of the population who are capable of being awakened. The puppetmasters are setting us up for the Big Final Conflict, that will be used to deliver the end game objectives to our Hostile Alien Elite. We have all the proof of the lies of history at our fingertips, due to the internet, but the window is closing on that. They’ve already convinced the majority that top-down censorship of ideas is a desirable thing and that the internet is “too free” and must be severely curtailed to stop the spread of dangerous ideas. This problem, like all the others, will be solved with a false flag or a series of them, if their preferred soft methods don’t work. For a recent example, see the Tree of Life synagogue shooting and how it was instantly seized upon as justification to shut down the Gab social media site, and to deplatform numerous innocent parties who were suddenly deemed responsible for the actions of a lone nutcase they had never spoken to. Countless revolutionaries had their bank accounts cancelled and were banned from their communication platforms, and this was only the first salvo. It is going to get worse – much worse. Charlottesville and the recent mass shootings were only test runs to gauge public reaction and to refine the logistics. And the public reaction was like that of a submissive dog rolling over on its back for a belly rub.

The answers we need are already there. They were there thousands of years ago. The secrets of our universe are expressed in advanced mathematics, sacred geometry, and esoteric spirituality.

We know that the ultimate goals include a dramatic reduction of the human population, along with a total elimination of the White race. Due to a temporary glitch in the matrix, we have the power to stop these demonic elites from succeeding in their final act of mass murder, but we must act now and we must have all hands on deck. What are you doing today to aid the resistance?

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