Honorable Losers

In America, we have two flavors to choose from. Chocolate, and Vanilla. Red Team, Blue Team. Pro-Minority, and Anti-White.

The political duopoly serves the deep state well by making it very easy for them to manage their phony stagecraft and select “winners” who will do their bidding no matter which team they are batting for. No third parties means no surprises.

We’ve seen what has happened to the few brave men who have tried to mount a serious challenge against the two-party system. The Ralph Nader, Ross Perot, and Ron Paul campaigns have all demonstrated that the mainstream establishment will do everything in their power to deny a fair hearing to any renegade upstart who fails to kiss the globalist ring.

Being limited to two parties might not be as bad if they actually represented diametric interests. Instead, they sell the illusion of choice, while delivering identical results. The idea that we have a left-wing party and a right-wing party is laughable, when the reality is that both parties are left of center. If you are one of the pitiable souls who still believes that Republicans are right-wing conservatives, ask yourself what they have conserved. When is the last time any prominent Republican politician ever stood up and fought for limited government, non-interventionism, economic austerity,  or Christian morality. When have they stood up for the middle class, or defended constitutional principles such as freedom of speech, or freedom of association? All available evidence shows they’ve pursued the opposite ideals.

And on the flipside, the idea that Democrat politicians are left-wing is a transparent falsehood as well. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama never met a war they didn’t like. They never did anything meaningful for the economically disadvantaged. They didn’t shut down foreign military bases and spend the money to feed the poor. They didn’t oppose the sinister machinations of the CIA and the rest of the alphabet agencies. They didn’t address the extremely lopsided advantages enjoyed by big banks and their friends at the Federal Reserve. They didn’t do anything to stem the tide of narcotics into poor communities. And they certainly didn’t levy any effective sanctions against Israel for running an aggressive apartheid state.

It’s all just a big show for the cameras while the resources we create are endlessly sapped away to disappear into the accounts of the Money Masters.

For Republicans, the system has been an absolute failure for decades. Most of us have never even witnessed a truly conservative president in our lifetimes. The current crop is the worst yet, and it’s vexing to contemplate how they got their positions and how they stay there for so long. Every one of them are leftist posers masquerading as conservatives. It seems their only real motivation is to gain the trappings of money and power, while not having to do anything controversial or difficult in order to earn it.

The modern GOP appears to be primarily concerned with maintaining the perception that they are honorable losers. Spineless cucks like Paul Ryan, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, Jeff Flake, and countless others have stopped even pretending to be right wing. It couldn’t be more obvious that they are just playing a designated role, assigned to them by the real powers running the country. Anyone who continues supporting these losers is marking themselves as a loser.

A relieved Paul Ryan cheerfully hands over the power.

Look at how delighted Paul Ryan was when he handed the gavel over to Nancy Pelosi. You can’t fake that kind of genuine pleasure at losing everything your constituents had relied on you for. Look at the demented glee with which John McCain shot down efforts at scrapping Obamacare. Look at the pained expressions of Jeb Bush when he discusses Trump’s nationalist campaign rhetoric. And look at how eagerly Mitch McConnell has used his positions as Senate Majority Leader to scuttle any conservative initiatives.

There is no way this crop of milquetoast weaklings will ever do anything to benefit the White working class. And there is no question that they are undeserving of their lofty positions. They are propped up by the thoroughly corrupt GOP establishment which is willing to spend millions of dollars against anyone who tries to use the party to advance right wing policy.

The man behind Trump’s presidential victory.

The only way Trump was able to break this stranglehold was by proving his ultra-zionist bona fides and being rewarded with tens of millions of dollars from Sheldon Adelson to fund his campaign.

Is there a political solution to the dire situation we find ourselves in? It’s highly doubtful, but if there is any hope it will certainly not be found with the GOP or the DNC. We can hope for another insurgent campaign running on the Republican ticket and somehow evading the traps set for him. But it’s not realistic to expect lighting to hit the same place twice. Trump was either a complete fluke or an elaborate setup designed to fool the right wing. Either way, it won’t happen again. Anyone who tries that trick will be mercilessly outspent and coldly disregarded by the media establishment. Hoping for another Trump, one who actually does the right things instead of just talking about them, is much like a small child hoping to catch a glimpse of Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.

The only real “checks and balances” to be found in our modern government are those erected against earnest political upstarts. Unless you are able to prove that you are squarely aligned against the  interests of White America, you will never make it past the primaries.

That doesn’t mean that no one should run for election. There are many lower-level political offices that could easily be won at the local level, and that would be a great start. Running a political campaign provides a platform to spread a message, however small. But don’t expect to make it above the level of small-town mayor unless you are squeaky clean and have never in your life uttered a word in support of middle America. Just look what happened to James Allsup – he wasn’t even allowed to remain in some small meaningless republican committee after they dug into his innocuous statements on social media. The hit piece in the Seattle Times describes him as a far right activist known for his racist taunts, when that is anything but the truth.

It’s high time that a real third party distinguished itself to fill the gigantic gap between what the established parties offer, and what the public truly wants. Sapping votes away from establishment parties in close races is a good thing, not a bad thing. It’s the only way to force them to listen to us.

It’s time to grow up and stop behaving like children. It’s time to accept the fact that our political duopoly has failed us in every conceivable way, deliberately and by design. The longer we wait, the more unlikely we are to change course before hitting the iceberg.

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