Five Ways To Supercharge Our Economy

One of Tucker's best monologues explained that the economy should serve the people, not vice-versa.

Politicians always pay lip service to the economy since it’s consistently one of the top two or three concerns with voters. The problem is that no matter what our presidents and senators claim, the national economy continues on its steady march to ruin. The poor get poorer, the rich get richer. Inflation continues to outpace wage growth. Home ownership slips further and further out of reach. Average savings rates continue to decline. Entrepreneurship sinks to lower levels.

Somehow the economy always gets worse for the middle class, even while politicians pat themselves on the back for their magnificent policies.

The not-so-secret truth is that when politicians say they are improving the economy, they aren’t necessarily lying. They are improving it – for the elite one percent of multi-millionaires and billionaires who comprise their donor base. They understand that getting the big checks from wealthy supporters is the top priority, and the sheep-like voters will follow whoever spends the most on their campaign. Voters fail over and over again to hold their elected leaders to their word, so in the political calculus it’s simply not that important to earn the loyalty of your supporters by offering tangible solutions to their problems. Money rules all.

Democrats and Republicans are equally guilty when it comes to failing us on the economy. Both parties have their own self-centered reasons for maintaining the status quo and continuing their strip-mining of our national treasure at the expense of the working class.

If there were a president or senate leader who was serious about improving the lives of the middle class, here are five policies they could enact which would have measurably improve the quality of life of the majority in the country:

  1. Pro-natal tax incentives.
    It’s obvious that a growing economy needs a small but steady population growth to support it. Instead of incentivizing native citizens to grow their families, our traitorous politicians have chosen the corrosive method of replacing them with illiterate foreigners. The problem is clear. Having a family is extremely costly for those who insist on giving their children a chance to succeed. For the mass invaders, it’s very cheap to have a family, not only because the U.S. taxpayer covers all their expenses, but also because they think nothing of cramming 8 people in an apartment in a bad neighborhood, and sending their children to low-quality schools. Reversing this trend would be as simple as removing benefits from illegal aliens, placing a moratorium on legal immigration, and subsidizing nuclear families with stay-at-home mothers, so that they can raise healthy children who go on to become economic contributors instead of parasites.
  2. End the China Problem.
    It’s absolutely ridiculous that we have allowed the Chinese to flood our markets with cheap goods made by workers who nearly qualify as slave labor. There’s no way that Americans can compete with that, nor should we try to. Instead we could end this decades-long nightmare with simple tariffs on Asian products, and steep tax penalties on companies like Apple that make a killing from their American customers while offshoring their manufacturing costs to communist regimes in Asia. The only people who complain about this idea are the GOP traitors who place their finances above the well-being of their country, and the corporate leaders who have gotten fat and rich off this long-running scam against the American working class. It’s a betrayal of the highest order that our trade policy has been engineered to favor foreign competition so heavily, and it could all be rectified with the stroke of a pen.
  3. Terminate the H1-B Visa program and pause legal immigration.
    It goes without saying that we must put a decisive end to illegal immigration if we are to restore American prosperity. But the immense damage caused by legal immigration is often overlooked. The H1-B program was enacted on the premise that the technology sector was growing faster than the workforce, and the extra workers were needed to prevent internet companies from collapsing. This may have passed muster during a short window of time at the dawn of the modern internet age, when there was a legitimate labor shortage in Silicon Valley. Now, it’s just another corporate scam that siphons money off of the American worker and stuffs the pockets of major institutional investors.
    With the waves of college graduates entering the labor market with solid technical training, and still unable to find lucrative positions, the H1-B argument falls completely flat. It’s time to unequivocally end this program and send every last one of it’s participants back home. Along with ending this ludicrous giveaway, we should put a ten-year moratorium on all legal immigration, and re-evaluate later to see if we should extend it. All western nations are facing overcrowding and competitive labor markets and we simply don’t need a single extra person coming into our lands demanding equal opportunity. There is no stronger way to show that we are serious about empowering American workers and serving their needs above all, than by ending these wage-lowering immigration scams.
  4. Stop borrowing money and pay down the debt.
    Anyone who’s ever done a basic household budget understands that you cannot be economically healthy while also taking on more and more unpayable debt. At this point all of our debt classifies as unpayable because we are barely able to keep up with the interest payments, while the principle continues to expand. The equivalent would be a household that has maxed out all of their credit cards, and makes interest-only payments, while still insisting on opening new credit accounts to pay for basic living expenses. Any person or family that engages in such reckless fiscal policy is on the fast track to bankruptcy.
    The only way we are able to get away with it as a nation is because we cover it up with wars and resource theft. Again using the family analogy, it would be like going next door to rob your neighbor whenever you are unable to pay your bills, or forcing them to pay you protection money in order to stop the burglaries. There is no question we will face economic pain when it’s time to cut the budget and stop taking on new debt, but that pain will be far more severe the longer we wait. It won’t be long before the consequences of continuing on this path will lead to the death of our national sovereignty, at the hands of well-armed foreign debtors.
  5. Divert funds from government waste into small business investment.
    It’s no secret that a healthy small business sector filled with innovative entrepreneurs is the most desirable state of an economy. Not only do some of these entrepreneurs go on to extraordinary success, but they provide the bulk of all new hiring, and they diversify our economy to reduce vulnerability. Small business is good for the community because local operators are more directly accountable to their families and neighbors. Local businesses are typically more efficient than multinational behemoths, with some exceptions. It fosters a more level playing field when money is spent in the same region where it’s generated. Geographic distribution of work opportunities is improved, so that the population doesn’t cluster in one or two major job centers while leaving large swaths of the country like the “rust belt” to suffer destitution and decay. Oil consumption, shipping costs, and traffic congestion are all reduced.
    Eliminating unnecessary barriers for our best and brightest business founders should be a top priority. We could facilitate a healthy small business economy by cutting out the massive amounts of waste and fraud that we find in our state and national governments. It’s long past time to cut off the spigot to our parasitical public employees, and remove the useless “make-work”  jobs that consume at least half of all government salaries. It’s a slap in the face of all Americans when a lazy government slug pushing paperwork in some bureaucratic back office enjoys a far higher salary and benefit level than our hardest working small business entrepreneurs who are risking it all to create new economic opportunities in their communities.

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