Culture of Death

I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.

What are the common tenets that unite the disparate groups under the banner of Leftism?

Is it their egalitarianism? No. They have proven time and again that they seek domination and supremacy over those they see as the “enemy” – primarily White Men. They have shown that they don’t want economic equality, as most of them express bitter hatred or apathy for poor rural Whites. They prove they aren’t interested in educational equality when they bend over backward to put their own children in elite private academies or the Whitest school districts they can afford. They reject the idea of gender equality by heaping unearned benefits on women at the expense of men, and by ignoring the problems which disproportionately affect men – workplace injuries and deaths, drug addiction, depression, and suicide to name a few.

This is the face of White male privilege.

Are they bound by their belief in socialism? No. Most leftists will pay lip service to the idea of socialism but would never accept a significant reduction in their own living standards to accommodate the less fortunate. It doesn’t take a mathematician to figure out that liberal Whites would have to give up all of their material comforts in order to temporarily lift the teeming masses of the third world out of their impoverished conditions.

Are they united in their fight against oppression? Not at all. Leftists only speak about oppression when they stand to benefit by doing so. Pretending to be outraged at the Oppressive White Male is a charade that nets them lucrative government contracts, cushy non-profit gigs, lifetime sinecure in University jobs, and undeserved social status among the lemming class. When it comes to REAL oppression, such as that perpetrated by African warlords, Islamic Imams, or Mexican cartel bosses, they remain quietly complicit.

They are just seeking a better life man.

After a detailed analysis of the situation, it’s not hyperbolic to say that liberalism is nothing more than an anti-White death cult. The only common threads you can find in their ideology is their hatred/envy of White Men, and their worship of death.

Every major tenet of leftism is aimed at diminishing life among the White population.

Take feminism for example. The main goal of it is to pit White women against White men. Feminist women reject childbirth and family, placing their careers first. They reject two-parent households, preferring to raise their “oopsie” babies as single mothers. They tirelessly campaigned to coerce the public into accepting birth control and abortion as “women’s rights”. Most of them grimace in disgust at the idea of large families, housewives, and stay-at-home mothers. They are literally repulsed by White vitality.

Brutal oppression of women.

Another example is the LGBTQP lobby. All of the people represented in this coalition have but one thing in common: they don’t reproduce. If the entire human population embraced the gay lifestyle, it would cease to exist in one generation. This makes them fundamentally anti-life.

Finally we have their War on Whiteness for clues to their motivations. Of all the demographics on earth, White men have unquestioningly done the most to develop life saving/extending medicine and technology. They have been the only group to advocate for responsible ecological stewardship and animal husbandry. White men are the only people who fought to end slavery and tribal massacres. They have succeeded in their fight against deadly diseases to the extent that billions of people enjoy much longer lifespans than at any point in history. Whites are the only ones who voluntarily share their food, water, and agricultural methods with less developed peoples so that they may have an equal chance to enjoy health and longevity. White men are the only ones who have fought to establish rule of law all over the world, protecting innocent people from violence and subjugation. Whites are the only group who have sought to settle international disputes with diplomacy rather than warfare.

It is safe to assume that if all White men were to disappear from this earth tomorrow, the clock would begin counting down to the final demise of all humanity, whether by war, famine, or disease.

Leftists have openly stated their goal of destroying White men, again demonstrating the extraordinary tolerance and patience of Whites who allow this open conspiracy against them to flourish unchecked.

How about their promotion of sexual promiscuity, drug use, and other degenerate lifestyle choices? Once again, all of these behaviors result in disease, misery, and premature mortality. At best, overindulging pleasures of the flesh leads to severely diminished human potential.

Taken together, it’s easy to see that the love of death, and the hatred of life, is the only real glue that bonds left wing interest groups together. If they were ever to achieve their mission of eradicating White Men, they would quickly turn on one another in a dog-eat-dog race to the finish, and all the world would know true misery and destruction.

Leftists know they can’t get away with being too forthright when it comes to their repugnant aims, so they have adopted a culture of deceit to mask their intentions. Their favorite tactic is to state the opposite of truth and demand you accept their delusions at face value. We know the truth and it’s long past time to begin calling them out right to their faces. This death cult must not be allowed to succeed in their malignant mission or there will be horrific consequences for all life on the planet.

If we can’t have it, nobody can.

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