CO Sheriff Defends Gun Rights

Sheriff Reams vs. Attorney General Weiser

In the wake of Colorado’s takeover by coastal liberals desperately fleeing from self-imposed ruin, big changes have come to the Centennial State.

The traditionally conservative stronghold now leans blue, with far-left activists flooding cities like Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins, in search of fertile new grounds for their parasitical lifestyles.

The alarm bells started ringing in 2012 when Colorado became the first state to legalize recreational marijuana use. Since then, the state has been overrun with layabouts, petty criminals, homeless, and drug gangs. Denver residents widely report on the rapidly diminishing quality of life in their once-clean city, with a combination of unaffordable housing, insufferable traffic, homelessness, crime, and high taxes.

Recent state elections have yielded the first openly homosexual Jewish governor, a far-left Jewish Attorney General, and democrat majorities in both congressional chambers.

The newly minted government operatives wasted no time in rolling out aggressive anti-gun legislation aimed at disarming the conservative population, home by home.

The controversial “extreme risk protection order” passed the senate with a slim majority and is expected to become law after it breezes through the house. Dubbed “red flag gun laws”,  this increasingly popular tactic has become a way for far-left gun opponents to strip citizens of their constitutional rights without due process.

Masquerading under the guise of disarming at-risk individuals, these laws require police to raid homes and seize legally-owned firearms based on the flimsiest of pretexts. Anyone from a spurned ex-girlfriend to a paranoid employer, to a left-wing family member who loses a debate on guns, can target an individual and have his guns seized without any court proceedings. The burden of proof is extremely low, based primarily on hear-say.

It doesn’t take much to see how these laws could be used to violate the rights of gun owners all over the country, simply because casual bystanders dislike their politics. It’s already popular among left-wing internet trolls to have their ideological enemies “swatted”, which involves calling in a phony threat to police which results in an armed SWAT team descending on the victim’s home. This combined with red flag laws has serious potential to cause innocent deaths. It already has in Maryland, when one man fought back against this gross violation of his constitutional guarantee, and was gunned down by police.

If you resist or question the police when they arrive unannounced to seize your weapons, it essentially provides them with a license to kill.

One brave Sheriff is standing up for gun owners, representing about half of all Colorado counties who strongly disagree with the new law. A range of tactics have been employed among these renegade lawmen, from declaring 2A Sanctuary Counties, to vows of non-enforcement.

Sheriff Reams of Weld County says he’d sooner go to jail than enforce this unconstitutional law against the citizens he was elected to serve. He enjoys strong support among his constituents, who admire his backbone and integrity in defending their interests.

State Attorney General Phil Weiser, however, is not pleased. The devious-looking lawyer, who clerked under Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, expressed confidence in his ability to force the police to comply with this unconstitutional mandate. “I’m confident that when and if the time comes, all law enforcement officials will follow the rule of law,” said Weiser in a press statement.

Sheriff Reams isn’t about to back down. “I’m not bluffing,” declared the heroic sheriff. One thing is certain if the issue comes down to a fight, he will enjoy the backing of millions of Colorado residents who are sick of watching Californian Carpetbaggers swarm their state like a horde of locusts, overturning time-honored traditions and deploying the same failed policies that wrecked their home state.

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