Biden Bites

Former Vice President Joe Biden announced this week that he was entering the crowded democratic field for the 2020 presidential election. Some polls showed Biden quickly opening a wide lead over his rivals, and beating Trump by 7 points in a theoretical matchup. His campaign raised over six million dollars in the first 24 hours after his announcement, in a visible flex of his fundraising muscle.

While Biden is a favorite among establishment democrats and deep state operators, mainly due to the fact that he’s a known quantity, and is seen as being able to beat Trump, the voting public might have second thoughts when his long history of gaffes are thrust into the spotlight.

“Sleepy Joe”, as the president calls him (Creepy Joe may be more appropriate) has drawn widespread criticism for his habit of groping women and young girls in what are seen as uninvited advances. Many photographs show the politician placing himself in uncomfortably close and awkward positions with prepubescent daughters of fellow leaders.

What’s worse, Biden has gone on camera espousing his fiercely anti-White viewpoints on more than one occasion. He sees the flooding of the nation with third world immigrants, and the gradual erasing of heritage America, as a “good thing”.

To round out the portfolio, he’s made countless gaffes in public interviews, which portray him as clumsy and insensitive at best. When the inevitable edit reels are seen by the average voting public, their ardor is sure to cool.

In the most divided democratic field in history, Biden’s entry is most likely seen as an unwelcome nuisance by many of his colleagues and competitors. That seems to matter little, as the heavily controlled mainstream media plays a much greater role than voters in national politics, and they are seemingly bullish on Biden. All the other candidates represent wild cards and loose cannons, and the system favors predictability above all else. It will come as little surprise if Biden receives enough glowing press coverage and free publicity to put him over the top in the democratic primaries.

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