10 Defining Features of the SWPL

Ten Defining Features of the SWPL (Stuff White People Like)

  1. Xenophilia – the fetishistic worship of “The Other”
  2. Pathological Altruism – placing the well-being of outsiders above that of family
  3. Virtue Signaling – the need to appear more enlightened and cultured than others
  4. Cognitive Dissonance – ability to hold multiple contradictory beliefs
  5. Egalitarian – believes that evolution has left mankind in a perfect state of equality
  6. Multicultural – feels division and conflict is better than unity and commonality
  7. Anti-Christian – aggressively critical of Christianity, but quietly respectful of other religions
  8. Anti-White – aggressively critical of Whites, but quietly respectful of other races
  9. Anti-Male – threatened by masculine energy, considers “testosterone-fueled” an insult
  10. Anti-Life – believes overpopulation is a serious threat, and the burden is on White westerners to have fewer/no children while tacitly supporting exponential population growth in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Supports abortion, birth control, promiscuity, homosexuality, and female careerism.

These people will destroy us if they are given enough time.

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